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No more waiting for tomorrow!

Woordle is an Infinite-runner Wordle clone where you can keep playing forever. Each win will add to your streak. Fail to guess the word, and you will lose your streak. 

The game uses a randomly selected word from the most used 5 letter long words in the English language. Woordle will continue to provide you with new words to guess for as long as you wish to play, no more waiting for tomorrow.

How do I win?

Guess words and the game will give you hints. If a letter is green it means it is in the right position. If a letter is yellow it means the letter exists in the word but is in the wrong place and if the letter is grey it means it is not part of the word. 

You have six guesses to guess the correct word.

How do I Play?

Download the Zip file and extract the files into a directory of your choice. Then run Woordle.exe!

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